Meet Our Volunteer Instructors

Wayne, Aodhan, Alison, Paul, Eddy, Mike, Tom, Oliver, Eamonn, Hilary, Andrew, Seamus, and Joan.

We miss you greatly Dave and Brenda.

Join our team! We are looking for additional volunteers to help with the Skate 1, Skate 2 and Skate 2/Hockey sessions. Coaching experience and certification are helpful, but not required. Patience, commitment and a positive attitude, however, are essential. We also are looking for administrative help at the desk with the major registration dates in the Spring and Fall.

Please consider volunteering with us next year, email for a Volunteer Application form.

And a special thanks to the family of Gerry Penner, formerly of the Trail Smoke Eaters, the 1961 World Hockey Champions, for Paul’s awesome jersey pictured above!