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Welcome Back Hockey Fans!

We are thrilled to announce that our 47th year of SK1, SK2, and SK2/Hockey programming starts on Sunday, September 18, 2016 at 1:05pm and 1:50pm at the Ted Reeve Community Arena, 175 Main Street, Toronto.

SKATING SCHOOL 1 Beginner students Age 5 & up 1:05pm – 1:50pm

SKATING SCHOOL 2 Students Age 8 years & up 1:50pm – 2:35pm

SKATING 2 & HOCKEY SCHOOL 1:50pm – 3:45pm

Dates for 2016/2017 are as follows:

Classes start Sunday, September 18, 2016 and finish on March 26, 2017. There will be no classes on October 9 (Thanksgiving), December 25, 2015 and January 1, 2016 (Christmas break).


Hockey skates, C.S.A. approved helmet and full face guard, neck guard, hockey gloves, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey pants, shin pads, athletic support and cup, hockey socks and sweater. Students will not be permitted to participate without all of the above properly fitted equipment. No figure skates will be permitted and please avoid plastic-boot skates. If you are new to the sport, feel free to ask any of our instructors for help – we will be in dressing room 7.

While SK1 is fully registered, we still have space available for SK2 and SK2/Hockey for more advanced skaters. We will be working hard with our SK1 participants to advance as many skaters as possible to SK2 and create space in SK1.

Ted Reeve Arena Skating-Hockey School Incorporated is a not-for-profit corporation established in 1969 to promote, teach and practice the fundamentals of skating and hockey, sportsmanship and fair play for boys and girls in a safe and accessible environment. All instructors and Directors are volunteers.

We look forward to another great season!

Mike, Tom, Paul, Aodhan, Hilary, Wayne, Eddie, Oliver, Joan, Alison, and team

“It’s a great day for hockey.” – Badger Bob Johnson